Project Development

Assisted the University of New Hampshire to establish its eligibility as a direct recipient of Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant funds, served as a liaison between the University and FTA Region I staff, and developed recommendations for the University's future FTA funding strategies.

Served as a liaison between Western Washington University, Whatcom Transit Authority, and FTA Region 10 staff to assist the University in becoming a direct recipient of FTA grant funds.

Provided technical support to the Port of Seattle in its capacity as a partner in the Freight Action Strategy (FAST) Corridor. Developed intergovernmental agreements between the Port and the jurisdictions receiving FAST project funds, worked with the Port's legal and financial departments to establish project eligibility guidelines consistent with Port policy and legal requirements, wrote grant applications for $10m for FAST projects, and served as a liaison with other FAST partners to facilitate project development.

Provided technical assistance and funding strategies to the Washington State Department of Transportation's Rail Office for use in its Amtrak Cascades service, King Street Station restoration project, and other rail-related initiatives.

Advised the Elevated Transportation Company regarding compliance with federal regulatory and funding requirements, including the National Environmental Policy Act, the FTA's major capital project criteria, and federal procurement standards during preliminary design development of the Seattle Monorail Project.

Served as a member of the North Sound Connecting Communities Project, a governance study funded by the Washington State Legislature, to research and develop regional governance models for transportation financing in Snohomish, Skagit, Island, and Whatcom counties.

Project Management and Oversight

Serves as the prime contractor for a project team that has conducted several annual performance audits of the bus and paratransit operations of the city and county of Honolulu, HI.

Served as a bid protest officer and investigator for the Southern California Regional Rail Authority on a contested commuter rail car procurement and a maintenance facility construction project.

Served as a member of Sound Transit's Performance Audit Committee to review and select projects for performance audits and other technical evaluations.

Reviewed and concurred in intergovernmental agreements between Tri-Met and local jurisdictions within the Westside-Hillsboro Project corridor, assisted with federal funding eligibility determinations and financial capacity issues, provided legal advice on federal cross-cutting requirements, railroad right-of-way acquisition, environmental regulations, and procurement issues related to the Westside-Hillsboro Project in Portland, Oregon.

Served as lead negotiator and drafter of the Westside-Hillsboro full funding grant agreement, which established the terms and conditions of the $944m project.

Training and Technical Assistance

Served as an expert witness in litigation involving a public transportation operator and a paratransit service provider in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Author, Transit Labor 13(c) Decisions, TRB Selected Studies in Transportation Law, Volume 6; Transit Charter Bus Service Decisions and Documents, Volume 7. Technical advisor, Transit Law, TRB Selected Studies in Transportation Law, Volume 5.

Planned and participated in workshops on implementation of the Americans with Disabilties Act for transit providers and state and local governments in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.